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Ammonia, Cyanide and Fluoride measurements made easier!

Ion electrode monitors use ion-selective electrodes to measure the values of cyanide and ammonia ions present in the sample. Ion-selective electrodes are membrane electrodes that respond selectively to particular ions in the presence of others.

● Measurement method                       
   CN-180:Cyanide ion-selective electrode measurement method
   NH-180:Ammonia ion electrode measurement method
   CNH-180:Cyanide ion /ammonia electrode measurement method
       ※<Measurements are made in the alkali mode>
   FLO-180:Pre-treatment, Fluoride ion selective electrode
   measurement method
● Measurement parameters
   Free cyanide in water, ammonia / ammonium ion, fluoride ion
● Measurement Range
   Free cyanide:0~3.0 mg/L (Effective measurement
   range: 0.03mg/L~)
   Ammonia/Ammonium ion :0~10.0 mg/L (Effective measurement
  range: 0.1mg/L~)
   Fluoride ion :0~50 mg/L (Effective measurement
   range: 0.1mg/L~)
● Repeatability:±3%FS
● Measurement interval:approx. 15min./measurement
  ・ Schedule function (Continuous/arbitrary)
  ・ External start
● Printout: Measured value, Measured value bar graph, set value,
   calibration value, daily report, power failure remark, other
   alarm outputs etc.       
● Display:5.7 inch LCD touch panel 
● Dimensions: 800(W)×600(D)×1600(H) mm