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Ideal for boiler water management!

Silicate ions can be measured automatically in about 10 minutes from low to high concentration. SIO-780 series proved out to be the best monitoring analyzer for monitoring silica ion in boiler plants.

● Measurement method: Molybdenum blue absorption
● Measurement range: 0~500 μg/L (1 range)
● Repeatability: ±3.0%FS  (Changes with respect to the range
    settings. In general the repeatability increases at the rate of 2.0%)
● Measurement cycle: approx. 10min./ measurement
  ・Schedule function (Continuous/arbitrary)
  ・External start
● Printout:Measured value, Measured value bar graph, set value,
    calibration value, daily report, power failure remark, other alarm
    outputs etc.
● Display:5.7 inch LCD touch panel
● Dimensions: 600(W)×600(D)×1450(H) mm