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Ideal analyzer for hydrazine injection control process!

Hydrazine is used in most of the boiler plants to prevent corrosion as this chemical acts as an oxygen scavenger. HZ-680 analyzer measures hydrazine values automatically in 15-minute cycles from low to high concentration.

● Measurement method:P-dimethyl-aminobenzaldehyde absorption spectrophotometry
● Measurement range : 0~50…200μg/L (1 range)
   (Range above 0~200μg/L is available as option)
● Repeatability: ±2.0%FS
   (Changes with respect to the range settings. In general the
    repeatability increases at the rate of 2.0%)
● Measurement interval: approx. 15 min. /measurement
  ・Schedule setting (Continuous/ arbitrary)
  ・External start
● Display:5.7 inch LCD touch panel
● Dimensions:600(W)×600(D)×1450(H) mm