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Distillation technology for minimizing the effects of interference compounds!

Automatic phenol analyzer uses 4-amino antipyrine absorptiometry for measuring phenol in the sample water. Unlike PNL-780 analyzer, The Distillation measurement method is adopted in PNL-780 D type to reduce the effects of interfering compounds such as heavy metal ions, oxidizing and reducing substances, oil, tar, aromatic amines etc.

● Measurement method :4-aminoantipyrine absorptiometry
         (Non-distillation/distillation method)
● Measurement parameter:Phenol present in the sample
● Measurement range :0~5.0 mg/L (Other ranges are available)
● Repeatability :±3.0%FS (Depending upon range settings)
● Measurement interval
  ・PNL-780:approx. 15 min./measurement
  ・PNL-780D:1 hour/measurement
  ・Schedule measurement method (Continuous/arbitrary)
  ・External start
● Display:5.7 inch LCD touch panel
● Dimensions
  ・PNL-780:600(W)×600(D)×1600(H) mm
  ・PNL-780D:800(W)×600(D)×1600(H) mm