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Multiple sampling system helps all the analyzers to analyze multiple numbers of samples automatically.

【Specification: 36S/12S】
Sample container : 20mL sample tubes —–36 Samples spec.
       200mL beaker ——–12 Samples spec.
Stirring method : Aeration—36S spec.
       Stirrer—–12S spec.
Drive system :Sampling arm:Linear bed motor 
Turn table:Motor type
Repeat measurements:1~4 times
Measurement start signal:a type non voltage contact output signal
Measurement stop signal :b type non voltage contact output signal
Display:3.1 inch touch panel with back light
Electricity : AC100V 
Power consumption : approx. 100VA
Dimensions: 452 (W) ×495 (D)×402 (H) mm
Weight : approx. 10kg

Multi-sampling system with TN-308P analyzer