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TOTAL NITROGEN ANALYZER (TN-580/TN-580R reduced reagent type)

Ideal for total volume monitoring!

TN-580 series adopts manual analysis method for monitoring of total Nitrogen. This analyzer is being used widely in continuous monitoring of industrial effluents and water bodies.
(30 minutes heating at 120℃ in the autoclave with potassium peroxodisulfate.)

● Measurement method: Potassium peroxodisulfate decomposition
    autoclave method (120℃, 30 minutes)
    TN:UV absorption spectroscopy
● Measurement range :
    TN: 0~2.0…100 mg/L (one range)
● Repeatability:±2.0%FS
    (TN 0~50 mg/L)
● Measurement interval:Schedule function(Repeat/arbitrary
● Display:5.7 inch LCD touch panel
● Dimensions:700(W)×600(D)×1600(H) mm
    <TN-580R reduced reagent type spec.>
・Pottasium peroxodisulfate solution (1/2 of TN-580)
・Sodium hydroxide solution (1/2 of TN-580)
・Other necessary reagent quantities are same when compared to
    standard TN-580 analyzer.