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Though nitrogen and phosphorous are beneficial for crop production. Excess nitrogen and phosphorous act as water pollutants eventually leading to eutrophication thereby causing disastrous effects on aquatic systems. Therefore, Total nitrogen levels of industrial effluents, as well as other water bodies, needs to be controlled and monitored. TN-308P adopts thermal decomposition or thermolysis-chemiluminescence method to measure total nitrogen present in the water sample.

TN-308P series has 2 variants and are based on the concentration levels of total nitrogen present in the water sample.

TN-308PL– Uses PMT (photo multiplier) detection system.
Mainly used for low concentration, high sensitivity and high-resolution measurements.

TN-308PM– Uses photodiode detection system. Mainly used for general concentration range.

Both the variants can be used effectively in measuring the presence of total nitrogen in both seawater and industrial effluents as these detection systems are not affected by coexisting interference components unlike conventional decomposition-autoclave or spectroscopy methods.

Measurement method : Thermolysis-Chemiluminescence method
Measurement range  : TN-308PL (low conc. type)
      0〜1,5,20,100 mg/L   
         TN-308PM (General purpose)  
      0 〜 20,200mg/L
Accuracy : RSD 3% (0〜1 mg/L: RSD within 3〜8%)
Drift correction   : Automatic zero point measurement for each meas.
Detector  : Reduced pressure chemiluminescence detector
      (normal chemiluminescence detector type is also available
Power requirements  : AC100V  50/60Hz
      (other voltages are also available.)
Dimensions   : 700(W)×600(D)×500(H) mm