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Designed to obtain rapid measurements!

The total nitrogen analyzer adopts catalytic pyrolysis chemiluminescence method to measure the total nitrogen present in the sample. This analyzer is developed to measure TN values present in the sample without using any chemical reagents and is widely preferred by the customers for its low operation and maintenance costs.

● Measurement method: Catalytic pyrolysis chemiluminescence
● Measurement range : 0~20…1000mg/L(1 range)
● Repeatability:±3%FS
● Measurement cycle:approx. 420 to 9999 sec.
● Measurement settings:internal start, arbitrary start, external start
● Carrier gas:Compressed air
● Display
  1) Digital display
   ① STEP No.
   ② Concentration (CONC.)
   ③ Range (RANGE)
   ④ C alarm (C.ALARM)
   ⑤ Auto zero of the previous measurement/peak value(CHECK)
   ⑥ Time (CLOCK)
  2) LED display
   ① Control mode  (START,LOAD,PAUSE)
   ② Operation mode (MEAS,CLEAN,CAL)
   ③ Alarms
● Dimensions:800(W)×650(D)×1650(H) mm