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Continuous measurement of heavy metals !

SAP or process polarographic analyzer adopts wave differential pulse polarographic method to measure the trace amounts of heavy metal ions (Cu, Pb, Cd, Zn and arsenic ions) present in the sample water. Metal ions of the sample water are electrically amalgamated onto the mercury drop of the mercury electrode under constant potential. Later, the potential is increased in the opposite direction linearly and all the amalgamated metals are stripped out. By measuring the current peaks while sweeping the voltage, Type of heavy metal ions and their concentrations can be determined.

● Measurement method :Polarograph method
● Measurement parameters : Heavy metals or aresenic
● Measurement range :0~0.1 mg/L (other ranges are available)
● Repeatability :±10%FS
● Measurement cycle :30 minutes
● Monitoring:Continuous monitoring (1 Hour/meas. setting)
● Printout info:Measurement time, sample number, measured value
● Display:LCD touch screen (monochrome)
1) Display
 ① Measurement step No.
 ② Elapsed time
2) Alarm
 ① Cleaning water insufficient error
 ② Sample water insufficient error (option)
 ③ Under maintenance
 ④ Upper concentration limit error (option)
● Dimensions:750(W)×650(D)×1650(H) mm