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Compact design・Continuous measurement!

This analyzer adopts UV spectrophotometry to analyze the organic pollutants present in the sample water.
YUV-308 employs ultraviolet (UV) spectroscopy to analyze the organic pollution levels in the sample. Light from mercury light source is made to pass through the sample and attenuation of the light beam is recorded. Measured organic values remain unaffected by Cell contamination and change in the intensity of light source due to the implementation of four path (Ureference, Vreference, Usample and Vsample ) and two-wavelength method(254nm and 546nm).

Speedy measurements, cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance make this analyzer a practical solution for monitoring the water quality.

● Measurement method: 2 wavelength・4 light path absorptiometry
   (wavelength: UV  254nm/Visible light)
● Measurement range : 0.0~0.5, 0.0~1.0Abs
   (10mm square cell or equivalent)
● Repeatability : ±2% FS
● Stability : Zero drift ±2%FS/week
          Span drift ±2%FS/week
● Response time : 90% response in 30 seconds
● Display : LED display
● Installation
    Indoor installation    : 410(W)×410(D)×1400(H) mm
    Outdoor installation : 492(W)×575(D)×1445(H) mm