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Calculation of pollution load upto 3 parameters!

Pollution load estimation through monitoring is a very complex task requiring accurate measurements of pollutant concentrations, water flow and careful calculation.The pollutant load calculator is used to calculate the pollutant load of total phosphorus, total nitrogen and COD as per the regulations and prints    important data.

●Measured value input signal:DC4~20mA or DC0~1V
●Control input for monitoring:a contact, contact capacity DC24V 20mA(Analyzers: Power off alarm, Trouble and maintenance contact signal)
●Full scale of measurement unit:integer 3digits, decimal 2digits (000.00~600.00)units: mg/L integer 5 digits (00000~60000) units:m3/h
●Automatic water quality meter and phosphorus / nitrogen conversion factor (Regression line equation) settings
・Zero point correction coefficient : a Sign + integer 3 digits, decimal 2 digits (± 000.00 to 300.00)
・slope correction coefficient b integer 3 digits, decimal 2 digits (000.00~ 600.00)
●Time and other settings : Year, month, day, hour, minute
●Schedule report
・Parameter title: flow, conversion value, Load
・Units: (m3 /h), (mg/L), (kg/h)
Time : hour : integer 2 digits (0~ 23)
Flow : m3 /h : integer 5 digits (00000~ 60000)
COD (converted) : mg/L : 5 digits (0~ 600.00)
COD load (time) : kg/h : 5 digits (integer 3 digits, decimal 2 digits)
●Daily report title
・Daily report
・Flow rate conversion value
・Units(m3 /d) (mg/L) (kg/d)
Daily load : m3 /d : 5 digits (00000~ 60000)
Daily average conversion COD : mg/L : 5 digits (0~ 600.00)
Daily average COD load : kg/d : 6 digits (integer 4 digits, decimal 2 digits)
Main Body       440(W)×300(D)×220(H)mm
Front panel     490(W)×1.6(D)×240(H)mm