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Standard direct measurement mode for NO research in catalyst evaluation tests!

ECL-880US is primarily used for measuring extremely low concentrations of NO, NO2, and NOx parameters. Analyzer’s built-in modes let the user choose the appropriate mode of measurement. All the ranges mentioned in the specification section are selectable according to the user’s preference.  

ECL-880US has two selectable modes:
1.By-pass flow chopping mode for obtaining long term and stable measurements.
2.Continuous mode for obtaining rapid responses.

● Measurement method:
   NO,NO2,NOx (flow chopping mode)
   NO or NOx (Continuous mode)
● Measurement Range : 0~0.05, 0.1,0.2 ….20 ppm 
(Other ranges are also available)
● Repeatability:±1%FS 
● Drift : Zero ±1%FS/day (FC mode)
     Span ±2%FS/day (FC mode)
● Dimensions : 400(W)×400(D)×415(H) mm 
● Weight : approx. 35kg 
● Auto calibration:standard
  (Built in O2 sensor is optional)