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AUTOMATIC COD ANALYZER (COD-380/380R (Reduced reagent type) )

Evolved from manual laboratory analysis method to meet the requirements of the industry!

Chemical oxygen demand (COD) is an important parameter for understanding eutrophication and investigating the quality of industrial effluents, river water, seawater etc. Acid potassium permanganate method is adopted along with Conventional method of heating the sample and reagents using boiling water circulation system has been automated to reduce labour, maintenance and operational costs. Online COD analyzer is designed to measure COD values in accordance with JIS K 0102(Japan international standards) continuously with higher precision and without any human intervention. Robust analyzer built for a variety of applications (inline, process control etc.) including different types of water(effluent, influent, industrial wastewater, high chloride ion (salt) concentration sample etc.).

Online COD analyzer

● Measurement method
   ① Potassium permanganate titration(without Ag addition)
    Chloride ion concentration is less than 200 mg/L
   ② Potassium permanganate titration(Ag addition)
    Chloride ion concentration is less than 2000 mg/L
   ③ Potassium permanganate titration (Alkaline method)
   Chloride ion concentration is more than 2000 mg/L
● Measurement range:1 range from 0~20,30,40,50,100,    200,300, 400 mg/L (High ranges are also available)
● Repeatability : ±1.0%FS (for 0~20 mg/L)
● Measurement cycle : Manual and automatic schedule settings
● Print information : Set value, measured value, manual    measurement conversion value (by setting Y=a+bX), measured value    bar graph, calibration value, daily report, power failure mark, and    other alarm marks
● Display :5.7 inch LCD display with backlight
● Dimensions:600(W)×600(D)×1600(H) mm
   <In case of reduced reagent type COD-380R analyzer>
      Running cost of the analyzer is reduced as the reagents required for       COD measurements are halved (except Ag).