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Continuous long-term stable measurements!

Effluents from factories and other business establishments contain different kinds of pollutants. These pollutants are monitored continuously as per the guidelines stipulated by the government. Online TOC-380D analyzer adopts combustion oxidation method described in ISO 8245 to detect the organic pollutants (measured and expressed in terms of organic carbon) present in the sample as the organic pollutant of the industrial effluents is considered
the most basic and important monitoring parameter. All the Measurements are realized in 5 to 6 minutes making this analyzer desirable for various
applications. COD values can also be established from TOC measurements by using the correlation factor.

【 Specification】
● Measurement method : Combustion oxidation/Non- Dispersive
    Infrared analysis method (Combustion NDIR method)
● Measurement range : 0~20 to 1000 mg/L
● Repeatability:±2% FS(50~1000 mg/L) with standard sol.
    (* High and ultra-high ranges are available by adding dilution
● Measurement cycle: 300 sec (Min. measurement cycle)
・Schedule setting (Continuous/ arbitrary)
・External start
● Print information: Measured value, Measured value bar graph,
    Setting value, Calibration value, Daily report, Power shut down,
    Respective alarm outputs etc.
● Measured value output: Analog, Digital
● Display: 5.7 inch LCD touch panel
● Dimensions:700(W)×600(D)×1600(H) mm