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Heating type VOC monitor with reduced adsorption effects!

EHF-770V adopts Yanaco’s signature HOT-FID technology to measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in the sample. All the sample lines in the analyzer are heated to 120-1500C to reduce the adsorption of VOCs present in the sample. HOT-FID technology ensures continuous, stable and long-term measurements of VOCs that are formed in various production processes.

● Measurement parameter: VOC (Volatile organic compound)
● Measurement Range : 0~100 ppmC to 0~10000 ppmC
    (Other ranges are also available)
● Repeatability: ±1%FS
● Drift : ±1%FS/8 hours
● Dimensions : 400(W)×400(D)×415(H) mm
● Weight : approx. 25kg
① Sampling bag measurement
② Process control
③ Explosion limit control
④ VOC removal and recovery facility management