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Document selection(Water quality monitors) Automatic COD analyzer COD-380Automatic UV spectrophotometer YUV-308Automatic TOC analyzer TOC-380RAutomatic Total Phosphorous/Nitrogen analyzer TPN-580Automatic Total Nitrogen analyzer TN-580Automatic Total Phosphorous analyzer TP-580Automatic Total Nitrogen analyzer TN-310Automatic Total Nitrogen analyzer  TN-308PPollution load calculator YPL-108SAutomatic Total Hydrazine analyzer  HZ-680Automatic Silica analyzer  SIO-780Automatic water quality monitoring system/Sample conditioning tank WPM-800/WJ-7K82 Automatic water quality monitoring system WPM-8200SAutomatic Total Cyanide analyzer TCN-580Automatic Total Ion selective electrode analyzer CN-180/CNH-180/FLO-180Automatic Ammonia analyzer NH-180Automatic mercury analyzer HGM-180Automatic Phenol analyzer PNL-780/PNL-780DAutomatic Hexavalent Chromium analyzer CR-680Automatic total Chromium analyzer TCR-680Automatic Suspended Solids analyzer SS-208Automatic Hydrogenperoxide analyzer HOA-208Automatic Sludge Volume Index analyzer SVI-708
Document selection(Air quality monitors) Automatic Isoprene analyzer VFCL-500Automatic NOx・O2 analyzer ECL-88AO LiteAutomatic VOC analyzer EHF-770VAutomatic NO/NO2/NOx analyzer(R&D type) ECL-880USAutomatic Ethylene analyzer VFCL-200