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Online Water Quality Monitoring Systems (JAPAN)

Yanaco’s online water quality monitoring systems have been installed in various government and private organization across Japan.

Online Air Quality Monitoring Systems (JAPAN)

Yanaco gas monitors are used in a variety of fields, from flue gas to process control measurement.

Ethylene produced from fruits and vegetables varies depending on the variety and the harvest time. It is necessary to have a device that can continuously and accurately measure the concentration of ethylene for controlling and enhancing the production process. Anatec Yanaco has developed an ethylene analyzer that can perform continuous measurement over a wide range from extremely low to high concentrations using chemiluminescence detector and unique premixing technology.

Ethylene analyzers are being used to monitor and maintain the ethylene levels during artificial ripening of fruits and vegetables in the production processes. Conversely, these analyzers are also being used in the production process that involves long-term storage of fruits and vegetables by ethylene removal.

Online Water Quality Monitoring Systems (OVERSEAS)


(Connecting the world with online water and air quality monitoring technologies.)

Design, development and installation of container type water quality monitoring stations at 13 strategic locations across Jordan river as a part of ODA in the year 2002 and 2003.

Measurement parameters: Temperature, pH, EC, DO, Turbidity, COD, Total Phosphorous, Total Nitrogen